Happenings Around Town

Tuesday September 23rd 2008

Golden Belt hosted The Monti in Durham, it appear to have been a success with the large crowd clearing out so late in the evening around 10pm.  We also noticed that the local area appears to be experiencing an increased presence in the community of safety, and enjoyment now if we could get a nice eatery with ambiance we would really be in on the good foot.


Sunday September 21st 2008


Over the weekend The Old East Durham Open House Tour was a success with at least sixty people signing in to check out the neighborhood. Our neighbors have been busy and their wonderful homes show it. With all the Historic Preservation in the area, the rich history, renovation stories and the “who not to use” (contractor list) growing, it was a must attend event. The open house was a great opportunity to network with my neighbors and an even better way to not make the same mistakes my neighbors did. At least we can make new mistakes of our own to share with the community.


Friday September 19th 2008


The 3rd Friday Art Walk was also a success. We surely left stuffed and a little tipsy with all the refreshments in each booth. Also we left amazed at the wonderful Cartography Exhibit. Especially by the creativity that went into creating various forms of maps. I did not even know what Cartography was, prior to the event let alone how to spell it. But I do now and that great. All in all you will have to check it out for yourself.



Wednesday September 17th 2008


The Jacob Lawrence Exhibition Opening Reception was a hit; City Manager Tom Bonfield & Council Member Mike Woodard were in attendance to name a few. But a host of art enthusiast made their way to the Golden Belt for the exhibit, to see the complete collection reunited, I didn’t realize Jacob Lawrence painted the whole series as one canvas painting all the blues on each picture then moving to the next color so forth and so on. But moving on the evening was marked by the interview of close friend and collector Dr. Walter Evans, President of The Jacob and Gwendolyn Lawrence Foundation and Richard Powell PH.D., John Spencer Bassett Professor at Duke University.


September 18, 2008

GBNA had a successful meeting last night and Tuesday Night the Jacob Lawrence Exhibit open Night was a hit, a who’s who of durham so to speak. There was a great turn out.  Tonight marks the opening of the Cartogaphy Exhit in Golden Belt along with the 3rd Friday Art Crawl. Should be an interesting evening.

August 16, 2008

District 1 Partners Against Crime – Durham County Government Forum

Durham PAC 1 invited County Commissioners, Durham Public Schools, Durham Judicial Branch, Durham Sheriff’s Office and other County Organizations to come to the table and discuss the issues that impact the community in a meeting at Eastway elementary school Saturday morning.

The meeting began with an introduction from Durham’s New City Manager -Thomas Bonfield.  Then on to Sheriff- Worth Hill, who addressed the community with a law enforcement update.


With questions from members of the community & an open dialogue with the County Representatives, the meeting was a great success only marred by the absence of various County Department Representatives.


County Representative available for community questions such as Commissioner Michael Paige- Vice Chair demonstrated his commitment to PAC 1 and in moving Durham forward by answering questions from a member of the community regarding the proposed food tax referendum coming up this November. Currently the PAC has not taken a position on it, but interest appeared to reverberate in how the dollars generated will benefit the community with workforce development. In addition to County Commissioner -Michael Paige, Durham’s Public School Board of Education Chair- Minnie Forte-Brown, Judge Elaine M. Bushfan, Chief Magistrate Elaine Evans, and Joe W. Bowser were all available to address the issues that matter most to the members of the PAC and the community.  I would like to thank all those in attendance, for taking the time to demonstrate their commitment to the PAC 1 community.


Aug 15, 2008


Golden Belt hosted a Art Walk in Building Three- The Third Friday Durham downtown art walk marks the Golden Belt artists’ official public opening.


Aug 5 2008


National Nite Out was a success with local residents hanging out for the evening & the officers on their bikes circling the neighborhood for the kids to cheer.  


July 30th 

Duke’s Nasher Museum of Art & Scientific Properties hosted a public art event at Golden Belt celebrating the opening of Golden Belt’s contemporary art gallery, ROOM 100.

July 2008


We have new neighbors the new residents & artist of Golden Belt Arts Campus and the Durham’s Neighborhood Improvement Services.



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