Family History in Golden Belt



Our neighborhood’s history is rich in family history as displayed below in our early 1900’s photo gallery.


Edgemont  Natives – THE IVES FAMILY of  1005 Morning Glory Avenues.


Frank Ives with adult children and first grandchild early 1920’s

 Frank Ives of 1005 Morning Glory


Winston Ives with twins Jacqueline and Pauline 1929

Winston Ives with twins Jacqueline and Pauline of 1005 Morning Glory


Brittie Ives in yard of house on Morning Glory Avenue about 1940. She ran the boarding house on Morning Glory and died in 1946.

 Brittie Ives of 1005 Morning Glory

Brittie was married to Frank Ives  & she is Paula Walters’ great-grandmother.

A BIG THANKS to Paula Walters (the great grand-daughter of Brittie & Frank Ives), for sharing her family’s history with us.  

The fabric of  Golden Belt’s community is only as great as the stories and pictures like these, that help weave the past and the present together.


10 Responses to “Family History in Golden Belt”

  1. John Martin Says:

    These pictures are wonderful. I recently purchased the Ives house at 1005 Morning Glory Avenue, and I am having it restored. I invite descendents of Frank and Brittie Ives and other family members to come by and see what is happening to the house. I expect to be finished in mid-June 2010.

    • Paula Walters Says:

      I am visiting in the area until Monday and would like to come by if it’s convenient. Let me know a good time for you.
      Thank you.
      Paula Walters

    • Paula Walters Says:

      Mr. Martin,
      My cousin, Kathleen Ives Mayers and her daughters from Louisiana will be in Durham on October 20th. Will there be a convenient time that we could tour your beautiful home? Kathleen is the relative that I spoke of who was born in your home in 1924; she is quite anxious to see what you’ve done if you would be so kind to let us come.
      Paula Walters

  2. Paula Walters Says:

    Mr. Martin,
    Thank you for your April invitation that I saw tonight. I live out of state and have no plans right now to visit Durham; however, when I do, I will certainly contact you. My visit would be more enjoyable, frankly, if I could bring two of my elderly relatives, both of whom actually spent time there as children. Unfortunately, one is in Louisiana, but the other is more accessible so I’ll see what I can arrange. I am so pleased you have restored the home. My late grandfather loved Edgemont so much, and he and my grandmother raised their three daughters on Barnes Ave. and later Taylor St. They would be thrilled that it is a vibrant community once again. Thank you for all the work you do in historic preservation.
    Paula Walters

  3. Angie Jones Says:

    I believe many of the neighbors in this community, including myself (1003 Worth St.) would love to meet you and your relatives if you are able to come. I know it can be difficult to travel, especially for an elderly relative. However, if you do arrange something we would gladly welcome you!

  4. 2010 in review « Golden Belt Historic District Says:

    […] Family History in Golden Belt […]

  5. John Martin Says:

    Hi Ms. Walters,

    It’s good to hear from you again. I would be happy to have you and your relatives come by on October 20. I am scheduled to give a lecture at Durham Tech on historic preservation that evening at six p.m. Therefore, early evening would not be good. However, anytime in the morning or afternoon would be fine.

    I would love to meet Kathleen, show her the house, and hear more about how the house looked in the 1920’s. If possible, I would also like to take a picture or two, so that we can update the 1920″s pictures we have on this website. In addition, since it is a weekday, you might be interested in having a tour of the old mill itself, and see how it’s been brought back to life.

    Please let me know what would be good for you.


  6. Donald L. Moore Says:

    Dear Sir,
    My name is Donald Moore. I was born Dec. 19, 1936 at 1104 Worth Street and moved to 1105 Worth
    I live in Las Vegas, Nevada for the past 46 years and planning on coming to Durham in the near future.
    Would love to see the old neighborhood again, and maybe investing. Who should I contact.
    Donald Moore

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