Concerns on the DRM Special Use Permit B1300031

Our Neighborhood received notice May 9, 2014 stating that The Durham
Rescue Mission submitted a Special Use Permit 4/9/14 to build (3) 3
story high buildings on 3.22 acres of their property already zoned RSM
for a commercial dormitory. The hearing is scheduled for Tuesday May 27, 2014 @ 8:30am.

One of our main issues being that the storm water would be run into
the neighborhood two blocks away on a wet pond. The current storm
water plans are not representative of Best Practices in Storm Water
Treatment in an Urban Compact Neighborhood. Also noting the We and
especially the 1100 Block Property Owning Neighbors on Franklin and
Wall Street’s have strong concerns about all of the 3.22 acres of
storm water in such a small area with the possibility of runoff from
the Alston Avenue Road widening.

The other issue being that the building structures are unharmonious to
the community and the nationally registered historic district.

Also noting that the current plans are not representative of Best
Practices in Urban Design in a Compact Neighborhood.

In addition to our Storm water & Best Practice concerns, we would like to note:

We received the notice on or about May 9, 2014 and would like to
request a delay or continuance to the hearing for the Special Use
Permit to have experts review the plans to be able to address the
Board of Adjustments. With less than three weeks to review and prepare
we need more time.

We as a community have concerns about the circumventing of the zoning
process, because we submitted a valid protest petition regarding these
same plans. They are just being broken down into phases. We held a
neighborhood Planning and Design Charrette in 2011 with the Downtown
Area Design group DADS to talk about the concerns of building and
asked questions about the rescue missions expansion but did not get
any answers.

We as a community have concerns about the Rescue Mission calling
itself a Commercial Dormitory.

We as a community have a concern about the Rescue Mission as a Drug
Treatment Facility located in our neighborhood that does not used
evidence based practices or the North Carolina standards for a
treatment facility for persons with psychiatric, alcoholic or drug

We are also concerned about the fact that the Durham Rescue Mission
just built the Center for Hope. It has been almost year November 13,
2013. There have not been any invitations to talk about the plans or
future construction in the community.

Since interfacing with the Durham Rescue Mission the communication has
not been forthright and open regarding their design plans or their
number collection process so we have cause for concern on a number of

You can view the information and documents on the city website links listed below.


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