Update: Before and After Home Tour

This week, we’ll be previewing the properties on the Tour.  Please come back to see more!

Tour Property #7:  1102 Taylor St.

This one-story hip-roofed bungalow with a gable attic dormer appears to have been among the second wave of houses built by Golden Belt, probably in the late 1910’s when Taylor St. was added to the mill village.  A bathroom may have been original to the house since they were being added to other houses about this time, and the back bedroom may have been a later modification to the “three-room” plan. By the time Scientific Properties acquired the house, it was in desperate shape.  The foundation and part of the floor system had collapsed.  The house was jacked up and then put on new footings and foundation.  The aluminum siding and porch enclosure were removed,and simple Tuscan columns were installed on the front porch to match what was probably there originally. This simple, spacious house  with mature trees and a pleasant yard is now available for sale, with the interior renovated to suit a new owner.  Historic preservation tax credits are also available. For information about purchasing the house, contact Urban Durham Realty:



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    wanted to see in side lookink for a one bedroom house

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