How do you revive Hope in Durham, North Carolina?

A North Carolina Summit: Progress and Economic Justice in a Time of Crisis.

UNC’s School of Law presents

“For most of the last decade, poverty rose in North Carolina, even as the economy grew. Then in 2008, with the onslaught of massive recession, the wheels came off.  Poverty rates soared. More than one in six Tar Heels now live in poverty. The numbers are worse for persons of color. And, stunningly, almost a quarter of our kids are poor.”

Reverend Barber summed it up best with “Jesus preached a gospel of helping the poor,” the GNI (Good News Index) We the people need to understand  that there are many “faces of poverty”, because the “face” has changed and so should the message.”

I have lots of questions that need answers and there are a lot of issues calling for action. So let’s get it started!


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