Lickin’ our wounds, in the Alston Avenue Road widening

The fight for a streetscaped, nice, beautiful walkable livable neighborhood in North-East Central Durham continues!

The alternate striped three lanes plan could work in favor of our historic district. However it will take a consorted effort to press City Council to commit to an Alston Avenue Beatification Plan, that would truly improve the community.

As we move forward lickin’ our wounds, we need to coordinate a plan of action that ensures that the Golden Belt Neighborhood continues to have it’s own voice instead of others speaking on the residents behalf. We need to work with all vested neighborhoods and organizations to ensure the best for our community.

Also on a follow-up note – We would also like to accept the funding for Alston Avenue Beatification that was rescinded at the City Councils meeting 3/21/11 for item #13.

#13. Rescinding Resolution Ordering Sewer Main and Outfall on a Portion of Umstead Road
To rescind the Resolution Ordering Sewer Main and Outfall on Umstead Road from the west property line of PIN 0804-02-96-1256 to the east property line of PIN 0814-01-06-4576.


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