Golden Belt Neighborhood Association Anniversary – June 19th, 2010

Golden Belt Neighborhood Association (GBNA) Turns 2

It was 2 years ago today that Antoine and I with plenty of healthy community support from Durham residents, Endangered Durham, INC, PAC 1, PAC 2, and Uplift East Durham launched our 1st neighborhood association meeting. We decided to commit to our neighborhood, to be it’s forefront advocates.  For the last 2 years, we have seen a marked improvement in community relations, a sharp decrease in crime, new homeowners tackle the impossible in home renovations, a pride of  ownership in an area  once deemed the war zone for gang violence. We are moved to see how the people who lived through that era and the new neighbors that have come to call Golden Belt their home have been able to work together to reinvigorate the neighborhood with life. We can hear the children playing and riding their bikes neighbors strolling, walking their dogs, or just enjoying the beneifits of Scientific Properties- Golden Belt Arts Campus. Last night My Husband, myself and our 3 lil ones enjoyed seeing all the people of our Durham community relaxing for the evening @ the 2nd annual Indy’s Best of the Triangle Party. We look forward to future events, welcome all comments, suggestions and neighbors questions

We had a great GBNA Potluck Cookout/Meeting Thursday and we want to thank all our neighbors for coming out and making the twins birthday a memorable event.

THANK YOU          THANK YOU           THANK YOU.

If any existing neighbors would like to join our neighborhood listserv, please contact us @ or post a comment with your contact info.  We want to keep our community well informed, with up to the moment updates and information.