VOICE @ Golden Belt


VOICE is a community news project staffed in part by local youth mentored by the journalism programs at UNC and N.C. Central University and they have just opened a newsroom at Golden Belt.  Scientific Properties, owner of Golden Belt, donated space in Building 4 for the VOICE, which went online in September at www.durhamvoice.org with neighborhood news, information, photos, videos and features. The first print edition will be available this month.
Area youth interested in writing, photography, video, blogging, art or journalism are invited to a general interest meeting in the newsroom – equipped with cameras, video equipment and laptops – from 10 – 11 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 13. The group will gather in Golden Belt’s front visitor parking lot off of Main Street before meeting in the newsroom. Youth who contribute content to the VOICE will receive a $25 Wal-Mart gift card for every submission accepted.


2 Responses to “VOICE @ Golden Belt”

  1. Paula Says:

    Could someone tell me more about the house on Morning Glory close to Golden Belt which has just been renovated on the outside? Sorry, don’t know house number. My great-grandparents and other family members lived there in the l930’s and 40’s. I rode by several weeks ago when I was in town and took pictures and was thrilled with the exterior renovation.

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