End of Summer – Year 2

So the end of summer is near – time to evaluate how much of a difference there has been since we became involved with this wonderful neighborhood. It has been 2 years this month.  We added twins to the neighborhood making my family even more passionate about making our neighborhood stronger and  our community better.  East Durham has seen a lot of plans and there has been a few projects that have come to life in the past 2 years that we have been tracking. Most recently Holton Career & Resource Center with Health Clinic will be opening their doors,  Golden Belt’s ongoing Art Walk  & PAC 1 finally has a viewable website resource. (Thank you) Cleveland Holloway’s & East Durham’s  Open House Tour has shown us what a lil elbow grease and ingenuity  can produce – more home owners invested in the community. Golden Belt Arts Campus has brought us such Culture through Art. We have some awesome ‘artist’ hard at work in our community. Even the ‘tot’ can join in with LabourLove Gallery- art classes for tots 18 months- 8 years old. All in all we have seen what a join effort for progress can do neighbors, representatives, business owners, just all the people in our community coming together to make our community better.