New Neighbors in building 5 of GB Campus

Scientific Properties signed a new lease with MindWorks Multimedia 

 It will be interesting to see signs life walking through building 5 which faces Belt Street. It was only 2 years ago it looked like a ghost town.

 — Info courtesy of the GB Campus Blog as well.
“This innovative and philanthropic company has signed a lease to occupy all of Building 5 on GB’s campus.   MindWorks is an award-winning interactive multimedia and video production company with a reputation for excellence in instructional design.  The company plans to move into the 6,264 square-foot building in July which will be home to a new video and photo production studio, two Avid editing suites and an audio suite.  The company is no stranger to the Golden Belt community.  MindWorks has occupied three lofts in Building 6 over the past year.   With ten full-time employees and two full-time contractors, MindWorks anticipates adding additional staff by the end of the year.



One Response to “New Neighbors in building 5 of GB Campus”

  1. Golden Belt Says:

    Well the MindWorks Open House is scheduled for Friday July 17, 2009.

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