New Neighbors in building 5 of GB Campus

Scientific Properties signed a new lease with MindWorks Multimedia 

 It will be interesting to see signs life walking through building 5 which faces Belt Street. It was only 2 years ago it looked like a ghost town.

 — Info courtesy of the GB Campus Blog as well.
“This innovative and philanthropic company has signed a lease to occupy all of Building 5 on GB’s campus.   MindWorks is an award-winning interactive multimedia and video production company with a reputation for excellence in instructional design.  The company plans to move into the 6,264 square-foot building in July which will be home to a new video and photo production studio, two Avid editing suites and an audio suite.  The company is no stranger to the Golden Belt community.  MindWorks has occupied three lofts in Building 6 over the past year.   With ten full-time employees and two full-time contractors, MindWorks anticipates adding additional staff by the end of the year.



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Scientific Properties, through its Edgemont Neighborhood subsidiary, has worked for 2 years to revitalize Golden Belt and its surroundings by purchasing abandoned housing in the Golden Belt Historic District neighborhood. The neighborhood is home to several energetic advocates, including Antoine and DeDreana Freeman, who lead the Golden Belt Historic District Neighborhood Association. (Check out their website in the sidebar.) Golden Belt has provided meeting space for the neighborhood association; their meetings are the third Thursday of each month and Golden Belt residents are welcome!
Jordan Caps works on restoring the interior of his new home at 1003 Worth Street, across the way from Golden Belt

Jordan Caps works on restoring the interior of his new home at 1003 Worth Street, across the way from Golden Belt

Recently, Scientific Properties found a next-door neighbor for Antoine and DeDreana when we sold Jordan Capps the renovated Victorian house at 1003 Worth Street (otherwise referred to as “the cute little green house”). He is working furiously on the renovations so that he can move to the neighborhood and become a part of the Golden Belt community.

In partnership with RD Construction Company, Scientific Properties recently completed the construction of 1101 and 1103 Franklin Street, the new, but traditional-style, red and green houses at the corner of Franklin and Elm Streets. We, and the neighborhood, are excited about the new houses on this prominent corner. The houses are for sale for $123,000 and $119,5000, respectively.

Here’s one article discussing the neighborhood and our new neighbor Jordan- We are ecstatic to have more presents in the on-line community to keep all abreast of Golden Belts progress.