HEAT 1 Acvtivities for December 2008

 Posted by: “Crews, Jerome”Jerome.Crews@durhamnc.gov Fri Feb 6, 2009 5:53 am (PST)

During the month of December, HEAT 1 Officers conducted the following activities

Heat 1 Officers recovered 5 handguns.

Heat 1 Officers seized $619.00 in US Currency.

Heat 1 Officers seized 25.6 grams of Crack Cocaine.

Heat 1 Officers conducted 36 traffic stops.

Heat 1 Officers seized 185 Grams of Marijuana.

Heat 1 Officers arrested 93 persons.

Heat 1 Officers served 63 warrants.

Heat 1 Officers arrested 4 gang members.

Heat 1 Officers charged 41 Felony charges.

Heat 1 Officers charged 124 Misdemeanor charges.

Heat 1 Officers identified and addressed over 100 Quality of Life Issues thorough out District 1. To include graffiti complaints, abandoned vehicles, abandoned houses and parking violations.

Heat 1 Officers conducted 5 Special Operations throughout District 1 and the Bulls Eye Area. One of the special operations conducted was “Operation Merry Christmas Dead Beat Daddy”. As a result of this operation HEAT 1 officers served a total of $282,348.85 in Arrears of Non Child Support Warrants.


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